Energy Education Australia Inc
World Solar Challenge Units of Study


  • Specific knowledge of:
    • Suspension
    • Rack and Pinion
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Tyre Changing

  • Suspension - coming soon
  • Solarmax Technical - pdf file
  • Tyre Changing - pdf file
  • Wheel Alignment - coming soon
  • AA Motor - pdf file
  • Kelly''s Car Data Information - pdf file
  • Mechanics - the study of the motion of objects.
    • Kinematics - the science of describing motion - 5 lessons covering scalars and vectors, distance and displacement, speed and velocity and acceleration - deceleration
    • Newton's 3 Laws of Motion - 4 lessons explaining inertia, force and momentum and action- reaction of a force
    • Momentum and its Conservation - 3 lessons explaining the relationship between force, mass and time and how anyone can change the velocity (momentum).
    • Work, Energy and Power - 2 lessons covering what work is, the different types of energy and transferences and the correlation between work and energy.